Sunday, 3 January 2016

My last blog post, at Liz's deaf blog

I have decided this will be my last post, here at Liz's deaf blog. It is not a decision I have took lightly and it has been something that has been at the back of my mind the last 2 years. I feel it is now time to stop writing, but it does not mean there won't be a torn feeling about it. I do have an attachment to this blog and feelings towards it, but I feel it is time to let it go, so I can carry on moving forward. I hope you understand.

You will find photos missing on blog posts, but don't worry, I have removed them myself. The rest of the written post remains the same.

I have made some lovely friends out of this and if someone said to me at one time I would have been writing this long, then I would not have believed them.
      There will be always some deaf issues that I will encounter in my life, as well as the next deaf person. Some of these issues will have been what we have heard before. I feel that at this point in time, that my deaf blog has done what it needs to do. This started off as personally for myself, then after a couple of years, I learnt it helped many others. I probably would not have wrote this blog long as I did, had I not realised how it helped others.

My other blog; Miley's Cat Time, I will continue to write, as long as I have Miley. So if you would like a different kind of read, then do follow there at:

Thank you

I would like to thank all my readers and followers, for reading this blog and also for the communications you have made with me, whether it be here directly on my blog, or behind the scenes via email.
      I also would like to thank past students, that have contacted me. I am glad I can be of some help to you and I am happy to hear that my deaf blog has helped you in some way.

This blog

At the moment, for the rest of this year, this blog will still be available to read, but my contact details will be removed. But next year, I do plan to delete it.

Thank you once again for the great support you have gave while I have been writing this blog.

Best wishes and take care. 

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Things I am looking forward to in the New Year

I am looking forward to the following things this new year. This is just some of the things, but there is more planned than listed.

  • Continuing with my learning journey
  • Visit Bluebells at Kew
  • See more of Newark
  • Writing, at Miley's Cat Time
  • Maintaining my health as I now have it
  • And more things planned
Also, where old journeys end, another one will begin. This leads onto an announcement I have to make. Please see tomorrows post for that.

What plans do you have for the New Year?

I hope you have positive things to look forward to and may your journey be a good one.

Friday, 1 January 2016

More than meets the eye

Last year, I came across the campaign #MoreThanMeetsTheEye. Reading more about it, I discovered that it was launched by Sam Cleasby earlier that year. Sam Cleasby launched this, to take a stand for those who live every day with an illness or disability that affects their lives, but is unseen by others.

You can find out more about the #MoreThanMeetsTheEye campaign here, on her blog.

As we know, our hearing loss is one of many hidden disabilities that other people do not see and if we  speak ok, as hearing people see it, then it makes it harder for them to understand exactly how deaf we may be, or how we struggle.

Sam Cleasby suffers with Ulcerative Colitis, a hidden illness, which at the time I have written this post and to possibly this being on air, she is taking a break from blogging. But do take a look around her website, there is lots to read and learn.

Sam Cleasby also has a Facebook page.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Watch this space

My six sessions of counselling I referred myself to has now ended and it has been suggested I seek further long-term counselling from my GP, so I can talk about the difficult times from my childhood a bit more.
      I sorted this out not long back, after my GP gave me details of two services I could pick from and now I wait on an assessment appointment.

Although my counselling has been difficult and hurtful when I think back to what I have spoken about, I do have to think back, so I can process it all in my own time. Hopefully, with who I have chosen for my next lot of counselling, that I hear from them soon.
      I have chosen the one who the GP mentioned would have a quicker waiting time possibly, to another that was recommended and that I have used before in the past. I have not heard of them before and because of the possible waiting time being shorter, I thought I would try them. My GP said it wouldn't be local. But my assessment will end up being local, so maybe the rest will. Either way, I shall still go.

It may have been difficult, but because I am facing it, with this and other things happening, it does feel a little more positive in general. I have, in my own time between and after the sessions, working on different things to move forward. I feel I am at a more, 'I can get by stage.' and cope. But I do know I still need further counselling. Also, I am to continue with my prescribed anti-depressants.

I chose to reduce my hours at work sooner, than later, because of unfair stresses. I knew that having this extra day off would help, but it helped a lot more than I expected. The day is not wasted, as I always find something else to do, that is productive.

I may have mixed feelings as Christmas gets nearer, with regarding to family celebrations, but I must be looking forward to it more, because I have my Christmas tree up. My Christmas tree has been up for a few weeks now. I have never put a tree up this early before. (November.) My cat is even in the Christmas spirit this year, as I have found her to be playing with the baubles, after finding them behind a door, or her cat bed.

I am still waiting on my re-sit GCSE English result. I expect it will be in the New Year. But anything can happen up to then. I am not getting my hopes up. What happens, happens.
      I am also looking at other courses, after gaining new interests. I discussed this in my final counselling session. With this and some other positive things I had to say, as my counsellor said to me, "Watch this space."

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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Compare and Contrast Challenge

I was "tagged" by Meredith, at Disability diaries, to do a "Compare and Contrast Challenge." You will find her post challenge here, after she was tagged by another blogger, whose challenge rules you will find here.
      Those that know me well from GCSE English class, will know I don't like the words "Compare and Contrast," like many of us didn't. So I am reminding myself as I do this, that I am not in English class.This is just for fun and that is why I am doing it.

So here it goes.

I shall compare and contrast myself, with my friend and blogger Sarah, at Speak Up Librarian.


  • We are both deaf bloggers and talk about our hearing loss experiences.
  • We both use the same blogging platform; Blogger.
  • We have both started our own journeys in eating healthier, along with some fitness of some kind, this year.
  • We have also been on our own, personal learning journeys, that we have shared on our blogs.
  • We are both very friendly people.


  • We live on the other side of the world. Sarah lives in America and I am in the UK.
  • I am single and Sarah is married.
  • We have different jobs. I am a cleaner and Sarah is a librarian.
  • Sarah has done lots of interesting blog interviews from all walks of life. I haven't for a long time.
  • Sarah has attended lots of interesting hearing loss/deaf events. I have, but not as big and not as many.
  • I have light hair, Sarah's is dark.

I tag YOU, my readers.

For this post, I can tag individual people to challenge them to do their own "Compare and Contrast Challenge." But I am not going to do this. Instead, I invite all my readers to join in this. 
      If you do join in, then please share your, "Compare and Contrast" blog post link, here in this post, in the comment section below. 

I look forward to reading yours.