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Friday, 18 April 2014

Taking a break from posting now till August

Liz's deaf blog will be taking a break earlier than planned now, with me hoping I will be moving soon to a new home if everything still goes as planned.

During this break:

  • I won't be posting any new posts till August, so please see right of blog at the polls when closed 18th May for final results. These will stay visible till July time.
  • I will publish comments and answer comments on this blog when I can.
  • I will answer emails when I can.
  • Liz's deaf blog will also be altered accordingly to its new look.

Next post will air 22nd August, so until then take care and thanks for following and commenting both on the blog and chatting with me behind the scenes.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

System just wrong when it comes to housing

I watched a programme recently getting a council house on tv and they were talking how the system is so unfair. I thought that too when the council in my area changed the system regarding housing. I thought it would mean that you would end up waiting longer too and seeing others talking about it how the council in their area works when it comes to the way they now rent their properties, talking of the same system and how it affects them, it just proved it.

Readers who have been following me for some time will know my first property was a council one, but unfortunately it turned out to be hell where I was living, so I left to go private. Not long after that, that was when the council changed their system how people applied for their properties. The same system as what was described in the programme.

Private housing is unfair too. I am talking about the houses you find under letting agencies. Most of them, accept for where I currently live want guarantors. Guarantors have to be working and a home owner. I am in no situation to provide a guarantor and I know I am not the only one.

Just because I cannot provide a guarantor does not mean I am a bad person. I pay my way. I have been brought up that way.

I have revealed how I am wanting to move again here recently on Liz's deaf blog. I want to downsize and I have found I cannot have a flat in a block of flats because of owning a cat. Its something to do with the leasehold.

Not giving up on a flat, I queried a flat on a ground floor. This only had one flat above that flat I was interested in. Each having their own entries. I found I could not have it because I own a cat.

I looked at a flat above a shop. Again I could not rent it because I own a cat. I cannot rent a flat above a retail or block of flats if owning a cat I was told. So I started looking at two bed properties. (House.)

One estate agent did not turn up at a house I was going to view. They did not have the decency to tell me they could not make it. Not good customer service.

Another house was just perfect. A one bedroom, but I had to provide a guarantor. Again another stop for me to go any further, but I thought I would carry on looking at two bed properties as the rent would have been cheaper than the one bed one.

Again I was finding I could not have properties I queried because I did not have a guarantor, or I just did not get a reply.

Just as I thought I would have to stop looking at estate agent listings and instead look at private ads in the paper hoping I get a better landlord than the one I had when I lived on Outram Street, I had a breakthrough. He was not put off by me not having a guarantor. I also learnt he had many properties to rent and this was his business. So after communicating via text, I went to see a two bed property in my local area. It was cosy, recently decorated and felt like home. I loved it.

So I texted the landlord back to let him know I loved what I seen, but also I had a couple of queries. He was fine with that.

I see the property again next week and to meet the landlord himself to have a chat and get to know him. I can have a look round again too where needed if I want as well and have a read at tenancy agreement etc to see if I am happy. If so, I shall put a holding deposit on it as I want to start the tenancy at a later date. That date I have chosen is the day I go back and meet him at the property to collect my keys and sign the agreement etc.

But what if I was not so lucky in finding someone who would take me on without a guarantor? What would have happened if where I currently live, I was given my notice to leave because they wanted to sell? If I was in that situation, I would have been feeling I was close to being homeless.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Some of recent work I have done where I volunteer

For a good few weeks I had been working my way through all the Ellison dies that Ashfield Play Forum have, to display over two wall displays, so people who visit could see at a glance of all the dies available.

It was left to me how I wanted to do it and it was the first time I have ever done anything like this anywhere, where I have done a display. A bright and colourful display was the aim, with some of the dies I used I went a little further to make some things, so I could give an example what could be done with them.

Here are my finished displays.

Board one, photos taken from both angles.

Board one display taken from one side, with a mixed display to show dies available.

Board one taken from another angle

Board two, taken from both angles.

Board two taken from side with a mixed display of what is available

Board two taken from another angle


Here are what I made to show what could be made for Easter.

Photo below showing outside of a decorative box, followed by the next photo with a surprise inside.

Photo below of an Easter bonnet I made out of paper plate and paper bowl.

Both these Easter ideas were the first time I have ever made them before. I loved making both, but especially enjoyed making the Easter bonnet. I'm thinking of making another one.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

You know it's warm when...

Today's post I thought I would share a little update on Miley.

Since last post

Since I last talked about Miley in this post at the beginning of the year, she ended up having an operation back in January to remove her anal glands after finding the infection was still there. Those who follow me my via Facebook followed her update. She has been fine in that department since and made a very good patient.

Now the sun is starting to shine

Miley feels the cold. Even if it is just a chill. I still have boiler issues, even after when it had new parts last November, so it does not help.

With me wanting to downsize to a smaller property, I hope I find somewhere before next Winter, but I am coming across things that are getting in the way. But that is another story to share later with you.

Now compared to November to when it went off again in March. Yes it was cold, but for me it was more manageable with it not being freezing like last November. But Miley was not happy. She was feeling the cold. My Mum bought her new beds, one I placed on top of her other bed in her favourite place. I can see this has helped her and she is more happier.

Miley on her cream coloured fleece bed

The bed reflects her own body heat back. The cover comes off to wash it easily.

Now that the sun is shining, I see more of her downstairs, so you know when it's warm when she is downstairs.

Here she is is catching some sun.

On the arm chair catching some sun

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Deaf student to fulfil his dream

Deaf student Ciaran McCarthy fulfils his dream tomorrow, (14th April,) when he appears on Channel 4 Countdown.

Born profoundly deaf and a long fan of Countdown, Ciaran first applied to be a contestant at the age of 14. Now finally he has been invited to take part in the show.

Read more here at Bedfordshire on Sunday.