Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Some of recent work I have done where I volunteer

For a good few weeks I had been working my way through all the Ellison dies that Ashfield Play Forum have, to display over two wall displays, so people who visit could see at a glance of all the dies available.

It was left to me how I wanted to do it and it was the first time I have ever done anything like this anywhere, where I have done a display. A bright and colourful display was the aim, with some of the dies I used I went a little further to make some things, so I could give an example what could be done with them.

Here are my finished displays.

Board one, photos taken from both angles.

Board one display taken from one side, with a mixed display to show dies available.

Board one taken from another angle

Board two, taken from both angles.

Board two taken from side with a mixed display of what is available

Board two taken from another angle


Here are what I made to show what could be made for Easter.

Photo below showing outside of a decorative box, followed by the next photo with a surprise inside.

Photo below of an Easter bonnet I made out of paper plate and paper bowl.

Both these Easter ideas were the first time I have ever made them before. I loved making both, but especially enjoyed making the Easter bonnet. I'm thinking of making another one.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

You know it's warm when...

Today's post I thought I would share a little update on Miley.

Since last post

Since I last talked about Miley in this post at the beginning of the year, she ended up having an operation back in January to remove her anal glands after finding the infection was still there. Those who follow me my via Facebook followed her update. She has been fine in that department since and made a very good patient.

Now the sun is starting to shine

Miley feels the cold. Even if it is just a chill. I still have boiler issues, even after when it had new parts last November, so it does not help.

With me wanting to downsize to a smaller property, I hope I find somewhere before next Winter, but I am coming across things that are getting in the way. But that is another story to share later with you.

Now compared to November to when it went off again in March. Yes it was cold, but for me it was more manageable with it not being freezing like last November. But Miley was not happy. She was feeling the cold. My Mum bought her new beds, one I placed on top of her other bed in her favourite place. I can see this has helped her and she is more happier.

Miley on her cream coloured fleece bed

The bed reflects her own body heat back. The cover comes off to wash it easily.

Now that the sun is shining, I see more of her downstairs, so you know when it's warm when she is downstairs.

Here she is is catching some sun.

On the arm chair catching some sun

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Deaf student to fulfil his dream

Deaf student Ciaran McCarthy fulfils his dream tomorrow, (14th April,) when he appears on Channel 4 Countdown.

Born profoundly deaf and a long fan of Countdown, Ciaran first applied to be a contestant at the age of 14. Now finally he has been invited to take part in the show.

Read more here at Bedfordshire on Sunday.

Deaf entrepreneurs providing employment opportunities for other deaf and disabled people

Deaf entrepreneurs providing employment opportunities for other deaf and disabled people in a cleaning business they have set up.

Having contracts with commercial and domestic customers they plan to expand and employ deaf and disabled people, knowing the barriers they face when trying to secure a job.

I think this is great what these guys have done and something I remember saying when I did my handmade card business, that if I was to have gone well and I had expanded, I would have took on a deaf or disabled person.

Good luck to these guys.

To read more about this story, you will find the story here.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Is this a sign that Virgin Media are actually going to get better?

This morning I read on At The Rim how Virgin Media unveils Video Relay Service for the deaf. More here. I found this surprising considering my experience which was not good in the end when I was with them.

Another surprising thing I found too, I thought I would look up my old post where I talked about you don't need to register with Text Relay to use their service, you just use the prefix, so I could look at the page I shared to show you the page where it said it on Virgin Media's page and I found another surprising thing. They have finally corrected it! Wow. It took them long enough.

So with this page being corrected and their new service they announced, is this a sign that Virgin Media are actually going to get better?